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Oh dear!

Aaah, it seems I've forgotten a touch about this journal. I'll have to compensate for the absence by updating more often, I think. Especially since these are going to be used on our performance reviews.

Admittedly, there hasn't been anything of much importance going on lately. Work is fine, though I never did get around to asking Colonel Mustang about any place decent to leave the dorm for. Mess hall and work and such aside, of course. I have the radio I took from work figured inside and out, though. I'm working on getting clearer receptions from it now and it seems to be working pretty well.

It's a shame I had work. It was a lovely day today and it rained most of the weekend. I had to check on some equipment this morning to make sure the water didn't cause any problems. Everything was all right, though. Most of the equipment's been adapted to handle rain pretty well.

I visited the library for something other than research manuals several days ago and found a fiction-based book to read in my spare time. I've never done a lot of reading of things like this before but it's actually quite interesting and it certainly gives me something to do.

Aaaah, and the herbal tea is still holding up quite nicely. I should go by and get some more tomorrow since I seem to be running low.
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