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Ahn, today certainly hasn't been a good day.

I feel horrible for neglecting my duties and taking today off, but I know I couldn't have functioned properly at work. I could barely get out of bed when I woke up, much less get into my uniform and keep an eye on the radios and such today. I've only been out of bed twice since this morning, not including writing this now. I would have preferred to stay in bed but I felt it was best to get this out of the way now.

If it had been any less hindering, I wouldn't have taken a sick day. I can't stand up without feeling dizzy and headachy, though. Every time I move my head decides to throb and even my shirt is irritating my skin. I suppose I should've known something was wrong after feeling so shivery last night but I figured it would pass over with some sleep. Instead, it seems to have spiked into a temperature. I don't really feel like trying to dig out the thermometer at the moment, though, so I'll just hope this clears up by tomorrow.

I'm starting to miss my appetite, as well. I was planning to try and make something to eat here but my cooking skills really aren't the best and I can't find any desire to actually eat. Ah.. my head is starting to hurt again, though, so I think I'll go back to bed. This will all probably be gone in the morning, so I'll try to go into work early to make up for my absence.
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