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I'll be picking up my new glasses tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully, they weren't as expensive as I expected they would be and a week isn't too long to wait. The tape is holding up pretty well.

Ah, it's a good thing the glasses didn't cost too much. I wouldn't have been able to afford drinks earlier tonight if they had been. [Note to self: Stop letting co-workers talk me into going to bars. Come up with more excuses.] I drank water most of the night, personally. I can't handle alcohol very well. I also left fairly early... I hope the others made it home all right.

I suppose there hasn't been much else going on.. Oh, Second Lieutenant Havoc has finally started his own journal. He didn't seem terribly pleased about it but at least he's being productive this way. Now, if he could cut down on all of those cigarettes a bit then he wouldn't be yelled at nearly as much, I don't think. Of course it's not my place to say anything but smoking so much (particularly several packs a day) is definitely a health hazard.

Anyway! I guess I'll try to get some sleep now.

At least I won't have to worry about a hangover in the morning..
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