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Oh dear...

I completely forgot about this thing! It's a good thing I overheard one being talked about in the halls this afternoon. I might never have remembered otherwise. Geeze.. I feel like Colonel Mustang horribly guilty for procrastinating so much. I suppose that with so little going on, however, it's easy to forget about something like this.

Admittedly, even though I'm finally remembering to update, there isn't much to update ON. Oh, I got the fish. I did a lot of checking to make sure it was all right and now Scales sits on top of my dresser. He's only a small goldfish but he still makes the room a little nicer.

I also talked with Lieutenant Havoc a few days ago. It seems that, while he's finally managed to find and keep a girlfriend, she may have tastes that are too expensive for him. I'm afraid I might regret it later, but I've given him a $175 loan. He promised to pay me back so I'll have to hold him to that.

Well, I need to be getting to work. Hopefully I won't be forgetting about this journal anytime soon again..!
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