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Mmm.. had a surprisingly calm day!

There wasn't too much going on around the office but one of the automobiles was having problems so I got to go work on it. I think I've become attached to the things. They're so much more complex than the radios are! [And I did manage to get a spare to bring home and work with. The wiring structure is fascinating.] I honestly would have liked to mess around with the engine a little more but didn't get a chance to, unfortunately.

There are good points to always being called around to fix things. I'm starting to fear the impression I'm giving my co-workers, though. Heh. Maybe I should go out more often.. Hmm. But where in the world is there to go, anyway?

I'll try and ask Lieutenant Havoc about it tomorrow. I think I'll turn in for tonight, though.

Ah! And thank you again, Alphonse. I picked up some herbal tea this afternoon. It is quite relaxing. I think it'll make a nice substitute for the coffee when I don't have any serious caffeine cravings.
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