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[[In reference to this post]]

Well, it took a little longer to make an appointment with the doctor than I'd planned but he did drop by yesterday afternoon after Alphonse had left -- whose visit was a pleasant surprise on its own. Now that I think about it, I believe he's the first person I've ever had over to the dorm for something not work related.

Anyway, it was nice to have company for a while. It took my mind off the aching for a bit and I was able to get to sleep for a few hours fairly well afterwards. I think the soup Alphonse brought with him jump started my appetite, as well. This is a very good thing considering the medicine I was given makes me horribly nauseas if I haven't eaten anything before I take it. But it has been working quite well, so I'll be back in work by Monday morning, I'm sure. I'm actually looking forward to getting back. Plus I'll probably have to check the radios and such again.

I hope dropping by doesn't get Alphonse into any sort of trouble, though. I'd hate for him to be reprimanded on my behalf. I enjoyed having him over; he was very nice to talk to. I've never had anyone that interested in my glasses, either. It was strangely pleasant getting to explain them. I'm still new with this city and this job and such so it's nice to have something I could explain to someone else instead of it being the other way around.
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